We provide the following services in the field of management and organization of the activities of enterprises:

  • analysis of the economic activities of the enterprise , incl. analysis of financial condition, analysis of the effectiveness of the use of material resources, analysis of production costs, other costs and costs.
  • assistance in the development and implementation of specialized management systems , incl. system of planning (budgeting) of financial and material flows;
  • analysis of ready-made and preparation of new business plans taking into account the specifics and features of the enterprise;
  • advising on the optimization of the property complex and the cost of it;
  • restructuring of the enterprise: a) external - organizational: reorganization of the enterprise, bringing businesses into separate enterprises, changing financial flows; b) internal - production: changing the grouping of productions by shops, the allocation of non-core, auxiliary production, etc.
  • conducting analysis of the investment attractiveness of enterprises. Analysis of investment projects and preparation of the company for attracting investments and lending;
  • analysis of the state, development and organization of workflow;
  • selection and testing of personnel.

The services offered by our company are not limited to those listed above. A distinctive feature of our work is a personal approach to customers. Each client is provided with a package of services that most fully meets his requirements.

The cost of services is determined in accordance with internal standards, the time required for the work, based on the base rates based on the data provided by the client, as well as taking into account the wishes and target orientation and some other criteria.

We are ready to consider proposals on the system of our possible relationships, as well as other suggestions and proposals with a view to determining the optimal price for mutually beneficial terms.

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